Images by Marilyn Valenzuela

Images by Marilyn Valenzuela

Bishop Gorman High School is the only Catholic High School in Southern Nevada.  The state-of-the-art school has a 100% graduation rate and a 96% college bound rate.  The high school is located in the Summerlin Mesa Community surrounded by beautiful homes.

Founded in 1954, the college preparatory school has developed an outstanding athletic and academic program.  There have been numerous scholarships given out to students to achieve the maximum education level possible.

Bishop Gorman is the home of Gaels and prides themselves in their athletic excellence.  There are many extra-curricular clubs and activities with a wide variety of options.  Bishop Gorman has something for everyone.

According to, “the vision of Bishop Gorman High School is to be a national leader in college preparatory education in an environment distinguished by Catholic values.” The high school has 36 acres of land with great landscaping thought out the campus.  There are state-of-the-art Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs, a 5,500 square foot Alumni Memorial Chapel, tiberti student commons with the Gorman food court, resource learning centers, a college-style lecture hall, and a Jim House of Performing Arts and Timothy N. Poster Black Box Theatre.  The Athletic facilities include Fertitta Field, Victor Park, Cashman Field, Marlon Tennis Complex and the Ralph and Betty Engelstad House of Glory.

Bishop Gorman employee said the Chapel will be renovated and will be much larger in the next couple years.  Students attend Bishop Gorman to gain a better perspective to what college life can be like.  Most alumni go to college with scholarships due to the schools rich tradition of athletic and academic success.

The high school shares their values and traditions with all their students.  Leadership is something that’s expected with attending Bishop Gorman.  Students develop skills and high standards as they continue their education.  The remarkable high school continues to renovate make their campus as best as it can be for their alumni. 

I chose this topic because I want others to be aware about the great high school in Southern Nevada.  Before researching and writing this story, I had no clue Bishop Gorman was so breathtaking and beautiful.  Once I started to take photos, I was approached by an employee of the high school.  The employee offered to show me around.  It really helped me get a better perspective about the high school.  I used a Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS digital camera to take the photos.  More photos on Bishop Gorman High School can be found on flickr.