If newspapers were not provided daily for me, and the news was not broadcast nightly on my television, the chances of me actually seeking news broadcasts are highly unlikely.

I do not recall the last time I actually watched a news broadcast, unless it was something being featured on ESPN. I am not particularly fond of news broadcasts; they are stiff and filled with a lot of fluff that I am not interested in hearing about.

However, social media has given us the opportunity to get news much quicker. With social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, we are able to follow our favorite news outlets or new figures, allowing us to get the news we want and from whom we want.

Breaking news is much more easily accessible through the internet, hence the name breaking news. It no longer is breaking news if you do not hear about it until the 11 o’clock news, 8 hours later.

Of course, using the internet does pose problems that a newspaper or simple braodcast does not. Journalists are putting not only their reports out under their own brand, but they are also branding themselves by the news that they put out.

Working for a specific organization may hinder what journalists report on, but with the use of social media, they are allowed to more openly express themselves and inform a more specific audience who chooses to follow them. Journalists now have the ability to get instant feedback on their news. They can see exactly how many views, likes, retweets, reposts, reblogs and exactly who is talking about it at any given time.

Branding themselves may not be easy and may often have reprocussions. Many figure heads have been criticized for their content of their Tweets, but because it is on a social media platform, they are granted more leniance than if it was in a newspaper or on air.

The notion that “the mic is always on” is only heightened by the fact that the media and we as consumers are constantly putting our thoughts and opinions openly out into the vast world that is known as the internet. It’s a surprise that with all of this technology anyone can still manage to keep a secret.