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Journalists need to find a better way to connect with their audience.  Social media like twitter  or facebook can help create a better online presence if used correctly.  A twitter account should be used in a professional way.

People using social media can misinterpret what the use is for.  Before creating a new account, journalists should consider what can go wrong with their social media experience.  This can be difficult to do because there are many exciting things that happen on social media that can cause temptation among people and their social skills.

Finding new ways to connect is a great thing.  Following people who are professionals and are in the industry is a good way to start.  A journalist should not want to follow just anyone.  Getting to know the right audience is important and very useful in journalism.

Extending how people engage is what social media is about and journalists should really consider branching out and meeting new people.  People are so busy with work and kids that it’s sometimes hard to even go online a look up articles to read for news.  Many people now go to twitter and find out their news that way.  It’s much easier that way.

Journalists need to prevent any harm to them by not exposing too much of themselves to the public.  Professional photos should be used at all times to prevent any misinterpretations with the public.  This can ruin a journalists career and opportunities in the future.

The image a journalist has is everything in their career and it can prevent them from getting a job.  College students who want to be journalists should start thinking about these issues before they try and land their first job because employers do look at social media to see if anything looks off with the person.