Twitter is a useful App for journalist because it allows them to reach a larger audience when and

Remember when you post one Twitter it is "loud and clear," to the whole world. Be safe online!

Remember when you post one Twitter it is “loud and clear,” to the whole world. Be safe online!

wherever they want.

Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote a post title “How We Use Twitter For Journalism.”

He says Twitter is useful for:

  • Breaking News
  • Interviews
  • Quality Assurance
  • Promotion

Most of my news now comes from Twitter. When I moved to Las Vegas I did not have a tv to watch the news in the morning and night. I decided to follow local news anchors on Twitter. I figure they would post important stories that they talk about! I found this to be better because then I can choose which stories I wanted to know more about.

The best part about Twitter is the “Trends” side bar; it shows what people are “tweeting” the most – person or hashtag. This is why it is important to hashtag your tweets, it expands and promotes your story to different audiences. Say I just wrote a story about UNLV’s Department of Journalism. I would want to hashtag it with anything relating to UNLV. For example, #UNLV #LasVegas #journalism. I want to reach as many people as I can.

However, using social media for journalistic purposes comes with danger. Everything you post is a representation of you, but most importantly the company you work for. Twitter is not as bad as Facebook, yet when using social media for professional purposes, foul language and personal information should not be posted.

Twitter is fascinating becomes it shows just how well a journalist can reel in his audience. You are only allotted 140 characters. So how does a journalist promote new stories, especially written stories? I’m guessing practicing.Everything I Need to Know About Twitter I Learned in J School talks about important aspects when writing a tweet. My favorite is number five; “Write a Killer Headline,”  it states “Headlines “sell” a news story or a blog post much like a great tweet invites a reader to click.”