paint_me_pink_by_ash_beccaAs stated in as stated in Five Principles to Design By, “Simplicity is treading a line: knowing what to keep and what to throw away…it comes across as magic when it works, because none of the complexity is transferred to users…only simplicity. That is the highest achievement for a designer.”

Pink is my absolute favorite color and gives my blog a girly girl theme. I think it makes a bright “upbeat” happy yet clean blog (well that’s what I am going for). Although it may seem plain the use of  “whitespace” adds to the simplicity of the design. In an article by Mark Boulton, Whitespace he states, “Designers use whitespace to create a feeling of sophistication and elegance for upscale brands.” To add to the sophistication I went with the normal text; larger font for titles, smaller font for everything else.

The amount of customizability seems limited. I wish I could or knew how to add a picture just below my blog name. I have tried to place a header photo but it appears so low on the site. I am not a fan of it and it makes my blog look like I have a picture just floating around. I did add a page to my blog title Pictures. I added pictures because whenever I visit someone’s blog or website I tend to look for their picture or gallery page.  On the sidebar I have added in a calendar because I thought it was interesting because it shows readers when news posts have been added.

I have messed around with a couple themes. I tried an all pink one and it did not look appealing for my target audience. I have to think about my audience when designing my blog theme. An all pink website, I think, would stop most the guys from returning to it (Let me know if that is true or not?). Some might now take me seriously if I kept an all pink theme. The other themes I tried using were “dark” and attempting to switch the colors to pink was a difficult task. After all that work trying to switch a premade theme into my own, I find myself back to my original “simply clean and pink.”

“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.”   –Thoreau, Henry David