I chose this theme design because I fell in love with the layout–I went through all 205 designs just to make sure it was the one I really wanted. When I view the opening page, it communicates I have a business that is fun, creative, upbeat and busy. This design and use of space is open enough for me to be straight forward and slightly opinionated in my writing. Truth be told, it resembles what my desk looks like (although there should be books/magazine and red bull instead if coffee. lol!) Of course I’d die without my phone…it’s like a homing device that you can’t break away from. I write several post-its and am about to start using a pin board in my real life so the small touch of post-its as pages tabs is upbeat. The crinkled wrapping around the post looks like a package has just been opened… like this is something you want to read. The vintage paper background would reminds me of really nice stationary and it adds some texture. The background’s contrast of grey on teal blue gives the relaxed professional feel. Red may have been too pushy and other colors just were doing it for me. Regardless, when I feel a wild hair to change the color, the theme does give me the flexability to change the color by uploading photos from my desktop.

What I have noticed about this WordPress format is that it doesn’t allow me to wrap the text around the photos the Windows Live Writer program. It’s a bit frustrating so for now I’m not including lots of photos. I can only move the images to the top, bottom or in between the text. It doesn’t provide the smoothness I’m looking for. Also, unlike when I’m using WLW, there are no other fonts to use. I was thinking of the courier font and hour it would make the theme a bit more cohesive…a merger between old and new. The Times New Roman font isn’t bad, but it doesn’t do anything…sort of normal and boring. That is definitely something I’d want changed later.

I am able to add little widgets like Facebook and twitter (although my feed is not coming through yet). I can also include a calendar, categories and a blog roll. The functions can be reorganized based on my preference. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give  more than the two columns. I’m not sure if that will prove to be restrictive in the future but for now it’s good. Actually, maybe it’s the simpleness  that is attractive considering I want the focus to be on the writing style and the content.

Well what do you think? I look forward to the feedback!