It was the year 2003, and most of us can trace back to the day when the popularity of it spread out like a virus. I’m talking about Myspace, sounds familiar? As of now Myspace has 25 million users, which sounds like a lot-but it’s not! Myspace has major competition, Facebook has 1.11 billion users as of March 2013 and Twitter is up at 200 million users!

We all know technology is going up up and away and it’s unstoppable, but do people enjoy reading news updates on Twitter and Facebook? I’ll be honest, I get some,but not all, updates from Facebook shares and Twitter posts. Facebook and Twitter is a journalists new best friend, so bye bye pencils and hello keyboard! Twitter not only allows for short tweets that give audiences an update on what’s going on in the world! The best part about it is that you can link an article to your tweet if people want more information on it! Facebook is essentially the same as Twitter; however, Facebook is not limited in word character and it has over a billion users which can get information dispersed quicker! Journalist can still continue writing AP style and keep their professional writing skills, but the main thing is journalist’s should be aware of is opinion, often times we might need to post a status or tweet about our thoughts but refraining is key.

Like Isaac Newton says, “What goes up, must come down!” There are downfalls to Facebook and Twitter just like everything else.  When a Journalists has a Twitter or Facebook page, can they have their own personal page without it interfering with their profession? The answer is no. Whether you’re a journalist, a doctor, a real estate agent, or a teacher, a individual should always keep track of the content they post on the internet. The internet stores everything, and when people see the “erase memory” button they believe that nothing can ever be retrieved- which is a lie. Another issue that might arise is that the information travels so fast on the internet, you must analyze your writing and make sure it is what you want people to read. Now-a-days a celebrity will post a tweet or write a status at 8:00 am about what they did last night and it will reach TMZ all the way to East Touch in Hong Kong. With anything you do, there is always repercussions-some might disagree, but the internet is powerful and if used incorrectly it can corrupt you rather than build you.