After a little help, and a few tips and tricks, I feel the theme I chose currently embodies the tagline of my life, “there is beauty in simplicity”.  My chosen theme is simple, classic, organized and largely customizable.

But don’t get me wrong, in fact trust me, I tried on quite a few before I found one I felt fit just right.  I felt a bit astounded with such a variety of choices, colorful themes, themes dripping with photographs, huge headers, no headers, centered and so on as I scrolled.

While my current theme may be simple, please do not confuse it with being boring.  Personally, the theme communicates professionalism with out being cut, dry and bland.  While it presents itself as professional, I believe it also offers itself as approachable, almost cozy if you will.

The color scheme is constructed of neutrals, while containing a large amount of white space.  Since the color scheme is mainly made up of neutrals, I omitted both of different spectrums, the happy and bright themes as well as the dark and somber. Honestly, neither conveyed how I wanted to present this site.

The font was also an endearing aspect to me.  The font for the header and title of the blog posts remind me of a refined typewriter font, which is complimented with a more modern Calibri style font.  Having a passion for print, I appreciated the mix of classic and modern between the two letterings, containing air of sophistication and top-notch legibility.

Functionality is key, and I feel that theme provides just that in its layout and organization.  These factors make it easy to navigate throughout the site, a major point for readers and as well as gaining new readers.

While all these points do play a role in my choice and love of simplicity, the major factor is that is very customizable, leaving room for growth and personalization along the way.

What does your theme say about you?