A shot of the contents of my fridge, which inspired my blog theme choice.

A snapshot of the contents in my fridge, which inspired my blog theme choice.

I believe that the contents of a person’s refrigerator say a lot about them.  For example, the people who have an array of half-eaten take-out boxes are the people who probably eat out a lot, and cook less at home.  There are also the occasional mysterious empty fridges, perhaps with an expired cup of yogurt.  I’ve seen quite a few of these, and I still don’t really know what those people eat.

The image above is of the inside of my refrigerator.  I have the remains of a smoothie, courtesy of Trish and Ed’s Organics, some fruit, and some wheatgrass.  I have always been extremely active and made an effort to eat relatively healthy, but my lifestyle completely changed when I watched the documentaries Food Matters and Hungry For Change.  I feel that my fridge accurately depicts my way of life.

I thrive on having a plant-based diet of organic, locally grown produce.  This is exactly why I chose this theme for my blog.  I feel that the colors, pictures, and layout of this theme perfectly demonstrate the image that I wish to present to my readers.  I could definitely see myself writing about living a healthy lifestyle, and I feel that the current look of my blog would catch the attention of people who are interested in this topic.

I also believe that a person’s blog, just like their refrigerator, says a lot about them.  With that being said, this blog theme practically jumped out of my computer screen and grabbed me.  Since this motif caught my attention, I think that it will catch the attention of my blog audience.  I love that this theme has interesting graphics and appealing colors, but it is not confusing to navigate through and is definitely user-friendly.

I adore how the images of grass cleverly overlay my blog posts while adding a fresh feel, but my writing is still featured and easily read.  I found a post by Susan Gunelius that discusses 11 Factors to Consider to Choose a WordPress Theme, and I think that my blog theme qualifies- catchy, functional, fresh, and user-friendly.