Some say what you wear defines who you are and the personality behind the face. On the Internet, the look of your layout can be seen as the same way. Instead of fashion, it is called webdesign. My theme was specifically chosen because it catered to my taste. It also, in ways, reflects who I am.

Hard at work on my first WordPress blog

Hard at work on my first WordPress blog


The colors chosen are white, black, a pastel green, and different shades of pastel blue for the background. Overall, the colors are “soft” and aesthetically pleasing. The white and black symbolize simplicity. I find that the best designs are the simple designs. However, too simple can be seen as boring — that is where the colors come in. A bright green would pop out too much and does not reflect me. As a person who likes simple things and prefers being reserved, a soft pastel shade of green and blue seemed to be a good choice. These colors are soft and pleasing to the eyes.

This layout focuses on one “blog” area including the white space to make the text easier to read. Within the one-columned blog area, there are three columns. The left includes my recent posts and the calendar for easy navigation. The right includes recent comments and the meta menu for my own reference. The center is where the posts go. It was appropriate to put it in the center because the center items are the main focus, whereas the side columns only serve as helpful tools.

Admittedly, I have a slight obsession with fonts. The use of serif fonts for the title makes the title pop out, as serif fonts have a “dominant” look to them if used correctly. With the title, serif fonts would make the title pop out more compared to a sans-serif. The use of sans-serif fonts for the header (reads: Toby’s Life, Turning Thoughts Into Words) and the blog post is also purposely done. The soft pastel green used for the links and the header turn the viewer’s attention to the different colors, but does not make it the most important thing as a sans-serif. Sans-serif is also much easier to read when for the blog posts, as it is text-heavy.

About the Theme
After browsing through the themes, I settled on this due to the customization options it allows. Some of the other themes I chose allowed for maximum customization, which was too confusing for a first-time WordPress user (note: me). However, other themes with almost no customizations besides colors allowed no room for creativity. This theme allowed me to choose my columns, what I wanted in where, how to organize my columns, and full customization on the colors.

The only image I have is a text header of my title. If I chose to, this place would be a very nice placement for a header that represents my blog. I’ve chosen to put my blogs as “teaser” (where you must click to continue reading it all) rather than full because it keeps the blog simple, clean, and neat. If I had different images and long posts everywhere, it’d be a little chaotic.