be-simple-be-social-engage-themI like to be a very simple and to the point person. Through previous experiences I’ve found myself not being able to understand what I’ve created or put things into a complicated way in which is so confusing. So for my theme I chose to play it safe…plain, simple and to the point just like the news. My theme is called MagazeenĀ by Spencer. Even though it looks simple with plain colors and the everyday text, the features of this theme is what had caught my eye.

On the top of the page right underneath the index for the different pages that you can go to, there is a strip that allows readers to see what my latest articles were through the pictures used within the blogs that I’ve posted. That has to be my favorite feature because I’m a very visual person and I personally feel that pictures are worth a thousand words and bring stories to life. I enjoy this feature because to me it resembles CNN and their website having the most current stories at the top. Having this kind of feature makes it easier for me to get the most current news updates rather than reading through articles and finding out that the event happened yesterday, NOT being the updated version of the event.

Another thing that I like about this theme is that the words in which links a website are pink! If you didn’t know my favorite color is pink and it fits well with the theme because I personally feel that it informs readers to click on the link in order to get a full depth information of what I’m trying to explain in a blog post. I feel that the text in this theme is easy to read and it’s really not confusing and accessible to anyone!

This theme is very informative and to the point just like how you receive your news. Right now it looks open and airy, but when we get more into depth with this course I’m sure that this page will be filled with thousands of information making it an informative page. I can say that the text of this theme is sophisticated the colors set a calm and informative mood. I did play with the theme a little and tried to customize it the way that I wanted to, but it didn’t quite fit the mood, style of my title, or overall appearance.

I believe that I chose the right theme and I can’t wait to what it will look like when we get more into depth within the course.