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I believe the theme of a person’s blog helps them write in a way that’s relaxing.  To me, Las Vegas is what I know.  Even though I’m not originally from here, I consider myself to be from Las Vegas.  I’m so used to the lifestyle here that I forget I wasn’t born here.

I’m from California and moved here about 13 years ago with family.  When I think of Las Vegas the thoughts of gambling and adventure come to mind.  I changed my theme photo to the outside shot of the beautiful Las Vegas.  At first I thought about a beach photo since that would be my second relaxing thought I could look at while I write, but then I thought why not stick to what I love.

I want people to read my blogs and see this city in a different way.  The thought of just thinking of Las Vegas as an entertainment city is not what I envision.  I want my writing to aspire those who want to step away from all the stereotypes of this city and to think of it as a city with imagination and creativity.

I hope that through my blogging I can create blogs that mean something and are exciting to read.  I want to take photos and create videos that showcase this city for what it should be seen as.  There is so much to do here and events to go see it’s a little overwhelming.  Every decade, this city is completely transformed and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

There are great shows and dining restaurants that only this city has to offer.  Purchasing tickets to events is easy and locals including myself should get out and explore all the exciting and fun things there is to do here.  I hope even tourists will reach my blog one day so they can see all the adventures they can get into while visiting Las Vegas.