The theme I chose for my blog is named “Gonzo Daily.” I initially wanted to choose a design that was bright and colorful, but ironically enough I ended up with the exact opposite. After previewing multiple different themes I realized I did not want the theme to take away from my writing, I wanted my theme to be all about the writing.

I selected the theme I did because it looks like a real life print newspaper. I thought it was funny to have a digital newspaper as a kind of comment that real life concrete newspapers are disappearing. I also liked the professional look that the newspaper theme created. I thought I wanted a fun theme, but in reality for as professional blog a business like theme is better suited.  The three columns really reflect a newspaper-esque look. It also reminded me of popular newspapers online sites such as the New York Times, or The Washington Post. I think the fact that newspapers make their digital version look the same as their print version, says that the newspaper might not live forever but its look will. I pay homage to this look through my theme.

The one flaw with my theme is that there isn’t really any customizing available. I think because it is such a plain theme that none is necessarily needed. But I would have liked to be able to change the color of the title because the maroon color that is default isn’t my favorite.  However, I can live with it. I like the fact all the widgets are underneath the writing on the homepage, and don’t draw any attention away from the blog posts. I read an article which gave advice on how to choose a blog design, and decided from the advice given that accessibility for my reader is a very important factor. I think the blog I chose fulfills this requirement by making easy navigation, it is vital for the visitor to the blog be able to search around my site.

Although my blog is not customizable I think it is pretty perfect out of the box. I don’t want to sound lazy but I think one with too many different options could get tricky and complicated. My blog theme is clean and, and certainly no-one can miss my blog posts.