The theme that I chose for my blog is called color splash. I went with this one because of the way it was set up. I wanted create something that would give anyone who visited my site a general idea of what it was about immediately while also having some originality. The way that this theme allowed me to do this was by not having a “newspaper” format. In which your eye is first directed to the upper left hand corner. My theme directs the person’s eyes right down the middle.

By directing their eyes there the first thing that they will see is a screen capture of something I was recently working on in adobe audition. This will show whom ever is viewing my blog that the main focus will deal with things pertaining to the radio industry. Also to back that up I placed a picture on the right hand side of the blog that says “On Air”. This is pretty much universally known as something that is seen in a radio station and solidifies what this blog is about.

Another reason that I liked this theme was that it injected pops of color in the posts, like where the hyperlinks are and for the titles. I believe that this makes the reading experience more enjoyable for the reader as they are going through a story. It will stop them from becoming overly bored with plain text.

As for the customizability of this theme, I believe that it is very customizable. If you compare what the original theme looks like to what my finished product looks like, you may think the themes are entirely different. This will give me many different options to change things about my blog, if I need to, as the semester goes on. Also it has many open spaces to add things that may become necessary.

Overall I believe that I chose a theme that let me do what I set out to do, which was be able to convey what the theme of my blog is at just a glance.