Some might say, why choose a theme so simple? When you think about it, it is really. It’s just a black and white empty page. It almost feels like you’re entering the realm of film noir, but in this case it web noir! I’ve always been attracted to dark themes, and when I found this one-it was a calling. I think it is modern, yet simple. I believe that the page shouldn’t take away from the content of your writing, it should be a mildly lit backdrop. For instance, my theme is black, my title is white, and the text for the pages are gray. I like this because when someone enters my page, they will not be confused where to go. I know that before knowing anything about blogs, I always got confused when going to a page-there were weird directories and when I clicked on one thing it lead to a different post then I intended on; this is an upfront, no mess page. The page is customizable, but I didn’t do anything to change it-I like it just the way it is. My favorite aspect is that it allows for a lot of categories, the arrows lead you to another page of categories when the first page is full.  The cool thing about this theme, is that when I add a photo to any category, the photos appear on the blank black spaces. So the more I write a post with photo’s in them, the more the pictures will fill up the backdrop.  Overall, the theme sums up what I’m about. When first entering the page, it might look empty, dark and cold, but after examining it, you peel off each layer and see that there’s more to the blog than you thought. I like to look at my page like a poem or a painting, the more you look at it, or read it, the more you’re able to read into the image or literature differently!

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