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Technology is consistently changing faster then we know it. With the new advancements of communication through the use of technology, consumers can evidently receive their information within the speed of light. Change has its’ pros and cons, but when it comes to advancements within our evolutionary world, we must embrace it by keeping a mind set that this will create a great impact onto the world.


While keeping this in mind, modern journalists have an active duty within the digital world by providing us with information that we want to hear or need to know. But, as a modern journalist it is definitely a necessity to learn and utilize digital journalistic techniques. Of course there are those who dislike the fact of the utilization of all these gadgets and rather prefer the old fashion style of reading the newspaper, hearing news through word of mouth, or even writing on a piece of paper. But, we must keep in mind that as the world advances everyone must try to accept the power of technology and advance with it as well.


Journalists need to understand that the tools used to manage their social media can benefit them towards being a creditable and noticeable source. I feel that there shouldn’t be a reason to reject this useful method no matter what occupation you choose to focus on. Taking advantage of technology and the many uses that it provides us will only help us to advance and resolve many crucial issues that we may face each day.


In my opinion, journalism is relied on tremendously. Journalists are who we turn to if we want to know the most important information there is. Whether it’s the new iPhone coming out to a new law that is proposed, news is what we thrive on. If journalists don’t advance with technology then I feel that our world would be corrupt.

We shouldn’t have to relive our past and put ourselves in difficult situations. The digital age has created many benefits for us and has relieved us from all of our hard labor.