The Internet has changed the way that the world operates today. No longer are we moving at, relatively, a snails pace in order to get information from around the world. I believe that journalists should adapt to this by taking advantage of the technology that is out there. They no longer have to stories that are 1000 words long and submit them in order to make a dead line.


They instead can write multiple shorter stories a day, even pertaining to the same topic, load them to a blog and/or social, and then get feed back from the audience to see what the people actually want to read and know about.Blog Quote Bubble

It the “stone age’ of new writing, journalists had to assume what people wanted to know about, and because of that they would seemingly stick to the biggest stories concerning their beat. Every now and then they would write on something off the beaten path, but for the most part major stories ruled the day. For the most part that hasn’t changed, but with the emergence of the Internet reporters can now write a smaller story about a major topic and then answer questions about that topic from the people who read the story and want to know more. This allows them more time to go out and research other stories that they may not have done before but have an interest in doing. Now people have even created entire blogs dedicated to whacky stories. Also the fact that people can respond to a story at a mass level allows the writer and the readers to see what interests people like never before. Not to mention the fact that readers can even respond to other readers who have made comments on the story. Giving them access to other people like never before.


Before, when a person read a story in the paper the only way they would know what other people thought about it was either by reading the letters to the editor section, or by talking to people on a one on one basis. Now because of new technology they are able to see the views of hundreds or thousands of people who put their comments online. Also there is a benefit to the journalist because now they also have access to see exactly what people think about their writing topics. They don’t have to hope that they get all of the letters regarding the story. It is now at their fingertips, and because of that they can more rapidly change their tactics as needed.

In response to the name of the article “Newspaper columnists ought to be the perfect bloggers. So why aren’t more doing it well?” I do not believe that newspaper columnists need to be perfect bloggers. However, I believe that if they do not take advantage of the new technology that has come about, they will eventually end up going the way of the dinosaurs.

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