Technology in Journalism

With times changing, it seems more quickly than ever, we have a choice to embrace it and hold on, or forgo the change and be left behind.  While you may agree or disagree, change and development is inevitable, the ability to embrace this has the capacity to bring about benefits.

That being said, modern journalists are faced with their field’s shift into the digital era.  Should these modern journalists be expected to learn and use these new digital journalistic techniques?  In a word, yes.

There are two sides to every coin, and many opinions for each side, I find there is little reason for rejecting this new form of digital journalism. While it may seem daunting and new, digital journalistic techniques can be used to generate more well rounded journalists that appeal the journalism job market today.  Making the efforts to learn these new techniques can truly open doors, provide better understanding, and help develop the strengths that one may already have and perhaps learning about strengths they never knew they had in the field.

Many other professions are faced with change and development.  The medical field is continuously being presented with new information and new technologies placed at their disposal.  While this is arguably a much more drastic example, I would believe people would be irate if this profession neglected developments that could have positive effects simply out of fear of the unknown.

To reject development and change welcomes the possibility of fading out with the changing times. This field has successfully stood the test of time, why falter now?

This digital era is far from a mere craze and will not be slowing down or stopping anytime soon.  So why would you choose to be left behind?  In this digital era your readers are most likely already plugged in, why not follow them?