Television and newspapers are up against mobile devices and laptios

Television and newspaper companies are up against mobile devices and laptops.

Technology is advancing. It is as simple as that. Journalists, now, need to be on top of the latest media trend. However is it imperative that they do? I think, yes.

If I have to learn all these news digital techniques in college, then the journalist who do not know them better learn or be prepared to have someone take their place.

Print journalists are still holding on to the newspapers with their life. With technology advancing it is hard. People are now receiving their news via television and anything connected to the Internet! I find it hard to believe that print journalist do not want to learn how to use digital media. It is still “print!” Just not on an actually page of a newspaper you can hold. The only part of digital media that will be harder is make small videos if they ever had too.

People are still watching television news, but broadcast journalists may not be has prepared as print journalist for this change. Broadcast journalists do not have to write full stories everyday, unlike print journalists. Print and broadcast journalist should accept to know or learn new digital techniques.

New media techniques such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are all forms of media to reach your audience. I would think that it is in the favor of a company to have their journalist well known—on the Internet.

In a recent class about sports and the media I had to follow are sports team, make a blog and use three other forms of social media. The blog was used to write small stories about the game (my thoughts and opinions). Twitter was used for updates during the game, so if people could not attend they were informed. I used Facebook to post upcoming games and events. YouTube helped expand my “coverage” of the sport because I was able to make and post short videos of or about the game. Instagram was used to take pictures of the game, players and audience. What I learned is that convergence of these forms of media helped because you can connect all of them together!

If colleges are teaching us how to use digital media then eventually print and broadcast will just be journalist (no specialized area). In a few years journalist graduating college will know how to use digital media and use it to their advantage. I think journalist will know how to do everything. Being a tech savvy modern journalist is in your favor, ultimately it is up to you if you want to or not.

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