Technology has become an integral part of people’s everyday lives. Children are now seen holding iPhones and downloading apps, even updating their Twitter accounts. Since, technology is so important to people the question arises, should modern journalist learn to blog, tweet or use any other type of social media? My answer to that question is yes. Journalists have to be in the know about the world around them, the world we live in now is a technological one. If majority of people get their daily news from blogs or social media sites rather than grabbing the newspaper, then journalists must make that adjustment. When thinking about it, it doesn’t make sense to continuously produce print newspaper if the readership is concentrated on blogging systems. One thing I think journalist should keep in mind is that just because it’s a blog, or a tweet doesn’t mean that the writing should be unmethodical or disorganized. When writing a tweet, journalists should still follow the AP Style rules, and the same goes for writing a blog. Blogs have a sort stigma to them in regards to being a newsworthy source. When hearing the world “blog”,” one can only assume that it is an unstructured web log of one’s thoughts, you don’t necessarily think of AP style or MLA style when referring to blogs. If a journalist wants to disperse news using technology, then they should keep in mind that all the style rules apply. Some might argue that technology is getting out of hand and we are starting to enter the global village. Although that might be true, as journalists we have to keep up with the way the world moves. A journalists job is to write history, it’s to get the message out in the quickest way possible. Journalists might argue that we should go back to print, but that’s not our place anymore if society gets there news from blogs, Twitter, or their browser’s homepage. Our job to send out news and if we have to do that by tweeting, then so be it-as long as the message is sent.