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         Journalists are living in space where news happens in front of you. News of every genre is happening every second of every day. That’s why it’s a great idea that modern journalists learn and utilize digital journalistic techniques. Some of the pros of using digital media are the quick excerpts, speed, and reach of the audience.

Quick snips headlines grab audience’s attention and pull them into a story of interest. Twitter allows a tag-line of important information, name, place, date and hey here’s more information to my blog or newspaper to read the full length story.

“Their work build an ongoing conversation with the communities they cover”  said Robert Niles in newspaper columnists ought to be the perfect bloggers. So why aren’t more doing it well?”  He talks about the other side of social media.  Yet, its a great point he makes that readers are getting information and also building a conversation, relationship, and credibility with Journalists.  This is another layer of recognizing sources of information.

Social media can be fun as well!  New ideas, news on a international and local scale can be heightened by a photo, video, streaming images. It keeps things fresh and interesting. A photo of a new summer recipe can be enticing and a follow up YouTube video showing you how to makes it easier because it provides a quick demonstration.  This helps you gauge.

The same is true with a hard news story.  A video clip of a car chase that lasts 5 seconds may come across differently if your reading a full length article in the paper.   Descriptions could feel like time got tacked on.

Adaptabiltiy to New Technologies


               Social media like blogging can also bring forth a variety of topics from lighter interests to hard news. Amid the categories listed of topics, an assortment of social media outlets in a blog can contain and link to all of your networks and media.  Blogging is an art, with many artists sharing information on how to fine tune and impress.  There are blogs dedicated to blogging and sharing blog knowlege.

There are arguments against the use of digital media which include having to maintain a certain level of posts which may feel like its own business.  I think this becomes standard and journalists have so much information to share there not looking at the numbers.  Then there are new social media applications that come out all the time.  This doesnt deter journalists either.  Most new technologies in social media are created with ease in mind, making it feel just like riding a bike before you even learn the application.

im not a player i just blog alot             Research Specific News    

Are bloggers spending more time blogging than they are at the event? This is a question posed by many commenters.  I just blog a lot is great for business and I don’t believe it sacrifices the quality of news.  A blogger can be at the event blog very accurate information.  A statement can be accurate and newsworthy.  A paragraph can be essential, newsworthy and fit perfectly into these new media formats.  Allowing you and me to research news further easily and conveniently.

Has social media stopped people from connecting face to face?  No.  People still socialize and get social media updates sitting next to each other.  There are many more ways people connect and social media doesn’t stop or hinder people, research, and quality.  It’s simply one other avenue of information and news.  Journalists are utilizing social media very well.