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Modern journalists should be expected to learn and use digital journalistic techniques because it will help them create their online presence.  Blogs and social media have created an impact on how journalists communicate with their audience.

The tools that are used to manage social media accounts can be beneficial in the long run of a journalism career.  The more technical a journalist is the more successful and creative they can become.  Creativity and presentation are important factors in journalism. 

A person who can practice those techniques through their online presence can offer more as a writer.  Columnists have to expand their horizons and explore what’s out in the digital age by engaging with others through blogs and social media. 

Digital journalistic techniques are time-consuming, but any kind of spare time is enough to post an update on social media like facebook or twitter.  Blog posts don’t have to be lengthy.  According to the Online Journalism Review, short blog posts are better than lengthy ones. 

The audience should be the most important factor in a writers mind.  The online brand that a journalist makes for themselves can make a difference in the readers mind.  The reader should feel the importance and relevance of a story.

The digital age in journalism is evolving in a fast way.  There are more social media websites and blogging systems available for people to read.  People are engaging in all types of media to gather their daily news and updates. 

Newspapers and print articles are becoming more rare and readers are going online to find what they’re looking for at a faster speed.  It’s all about how fast and efficient a journalist is rather than how long a story is.

 A great benefit that comes with digital journalism is feedback.  Readers can provide their opinions and concerns regarding a specific topic, which could not be done in print journalism itself.  Digital journalists can report and communicate better with their audiences.

Journalists have to have at least basic knowledge regarding digital journalistic techniques to survive in the field.  Developing an online presence is time-consuming, but well worth the effort.