Like the Surf-Indie-Rock vibe? Then check out The New Electric Sound. They are based in Provo, UT but is spreading their music throughout Southern Utah and it’s on its way to Las Vegas. The New Electric Sound started in August 2011 and consists of Scott Vance (lead vocals and guitar), Tom Brinton (bass and vocals), Ben Zabriskie (lead guitar and vocals), Tony Carlson (drums), and Eric Call (keys and brass). They have opened up for Imagine Dragons at the St. George concert and has just released their first self-debut album last week.

They have raised money through Kickstarter this past couple of months to produce their first album in a physical copy which has just been released on iTunes last Thursday. To me, they are a modernized Beach Boys with a twist and I really do enjoy them.  They are not only upcoming artists but great friends. On my podcast, I play their new single from their album called ”Heartbeat.”

If you want to know more about The New Electric Sound, check out their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Official site by clicking on the links!

I hope you all enjoyed my small podcast! It is my first podcast ever, so didn’t have much done but it was fun editing and recording it! If you have knowing of  any upcoming new artists coming out, please leave a comment! I love listening to new artists.