On June 27, McCarran International Airport opened its gleaming new $2.4 billion project, Terminal 3. What it means for Las Vegas could be huge. T3 opens the door to more International visitors as the city will now be able to accommodate additional flights simultaneously.

The airport’s new Terminal 3 will be the newest airport facility in the nation. It will feature seven new restaurants and retail outlets, including a duty-free shop and express spa. Fliers with gadgets will appreciate free Wi-Fi and an abundance of power outlets throughout the terminal. You definitely won’t have to leave your iphone die. T3 will also have a Las Vegas classic touch by providing nearly 300 slot machines to provide distractions for fliers throughout the 1.9-million-square-foot terminal. This will bring the classic Las Vegas gambling customs to the modern new terminal.

T3 will provide about 115 flights a week from as near as Monterrey, Mexico to as far as Seoul, South Korea. Panama’s Copa Airlines will begin flights between Las Vegas and Panama City as the newest carrier to McCarran Airport. They will join the other fifteen International air carriers moving in to T3. Copa will open a new front in the region’s bid to lure international visitors.  People will be able to travel with less waiting times and less confusing flights.

The new airline will offer connections to Las Vegas from major South American cities, such as São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro. This opportunity will bring access to those markets and will be great for Las Vegas. With this happening in our town all we have to ask ourselves is where will I travel next?

Did you know? The predominant languages spoken in South America are Spanish and Portuguese (the offficial language of Brazil, the largest country on the continent).