All that pops and makes noise in the sky is what you think. The coming of the Fourth of July is upon the Vegas valley with plenty of goodies coming from the strip and a sky near you.

The strip will provide a full guide of entertainment this July 4th from concerts, pool parties, food and drink specials at the hottest places. If off the strip is most preferred, James Seastrand Park might be the perfect place to take the kids. No matter where you go though, the sound of fireworks in the sky will never be too far away.

Most of the Station Hotel and Casinos will be set to blast off their share of fireworks at 9p.m. on the 4th to celebrate the nation’s 236th birthday. They also provide a photo and video contest of the fireworks, in which the winner will be granted free hotel rooms. The Las Vegas Weekly has also provided their guide to the many activities they will most likely cover for their future editions, such as pictures and articles all over the strip. That is where all the grown-up action will transpire under the night sky full of colorful bombs bursting in air.

Firework stands are all over the city right now at a gas station near you. These firework stands donate all of their proceeds to non-profitable causes to certain ill people who can’t afford medical care and more warming causes. They usually have a sign to where the proceeds will be transferred to. If no sign is available, you can ask who or what the money will be raised for. And firework stands only sell the legal fireworks, never the ones that extend in the air past 10 feet.

“We want everyone to have a fun and safe Fourth of July, but it is important to remember that fireworks can start fires and cause injuries,” said Clark County Fire Chief Bertral Washington. “Any fireworks that shoot into the air are illegal for use in Clark County unless it’s part of a permitted fireworks show.”

Also fire safety has been always the concern in the valley every year, but this year especially because of all the wild fires that have came about everywhere. Not only is this a concern for police, but the dangers on the roads with drivers who celebrate Independence Day a little too much with alcohol in their system. That’s an aspect they will continue to monitor diligently.

Be safe, happy 4th to everyone!