Over the past decade, the world’s greatest superheros have been leaving their comic strips and coming to life to in motion pictures. Especially for being an American, comic books and their superhero’s have been apart of our culture for so long, it has become something everybody knows and can relate to. Everyone has their favorite superhero and everyone has their favorite villain. If they don’t, they most certainly know them when they see them. When it comes to comic books, their is no age limit or to read and collect them.

Here in present day with all this new technology, it seems like comic books would be the last of a common interest. It also makes you wonder if comic book stores are still around.

Here in the Vegas Valley you can you get all type of comic books at Cosmic Comics. This is the largest comic book shop in Las Vegas. “Cosmic Comics is really kind of a lifestyle choice more so than a business.” says Jim Brocius, founder of Cosmic Comics. In this shop, readers can expect to find a diverse variety of comic books from adventure, super hero, sci-fi, crime, horror, autobiographical, and comics about almost every subject you can think of.

I myself took a tour of shop and was amazed at everything you can find in there. All the big name comics, Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Fantom, etc. I don’t want to make it look like I’m promoting the shop in advertisement but it’s something I hope will stay around for the future of comic books and reading. I mainly read superhero comics. I’ve done the search online and I could read a lot of those comics online without spending any money. It was not the same feeling as if I was holding and personal owned the comic book itself. It just rubs me the right way to be an instant buy.

When I look around the store I feel like it’s more a historical library than a business. I could agree with Brocius on it being a lifestyle because to be engage in reading comics, you have to have a different outlook on getting information and expanding you mind to read and get creative. To take your imagination to the next level. I’m looking at all these superhero films coming out and it seems that even today with all this technology, they have yet to meet the imagination of what is being projected out of the comic book.

Because I am a real stickler for movies getting everything exact, I’m never satified with the way they create them for the movies. At the same time though I do not regret them doing it nor do I want them to stop. Because it brings people to comic shops like these. It engages them in reading and finding more detail of what they are seeing.  An international focus of reading which is why they held a free comic book day on May 5th before the release of The Avengers, The Amazing Spider Man and soon to be The Dark Knight Rises.

As I said I want comic shops to stick around. I did a feature story on this shop to show my readers a more visual side of this comic book shop. In case they happen to come it they know what’s inside for them. For comic book readers, this is the shop for you!