I find that for college students, sometimes it is very difficult to stop and analyze the pathways of their lives. As a college student myself, I can attest to the fact that we don’t always stop to think if what we are studying is something we will like for the rest of our lives or how competitive we will be in the job market after we have obtained our degrees. This is one of the main reasons as to why I encourage all of my friends and colleagues to intern.

Jobs in Vegas may not lead to careers

People might think that interning doesn’t help anyone in their professional career and that it is an excuse for some employers to exploit the abilities of young people without having to pay them.  Yet, as far as I am concerned, these are wild misconceptions about something that has the otherwise potential to provide amazing opportunities for students aspiring to one day have a permanent job and gain valuable experience so as to be competitive in the job market.

Even though it is very hard for some students to devote time to an internship and many people have jobs as they are going through school, in the Las Vegas community, it is common for people to have the need to make money fast while they are going through school in establishments such as restaurants or hotels, which enables them to pay tuition, something that increases by the year in the State of Nevada.

However, those who spend all day working so that they can cover the bills have to think about the fact that their efforts might not be completely well invested if after they graduate, their resumes don’t have much to show for but a small job.

Internships are an invaluable asset to any student not only because they look great on a resume and show that a person has professional experience, but also because for most entities, internships represent a recruiting pool for permanent positions, meaning that if an intern performs well on his or her internship, he or she has a great possibility of getting hired and even if interns don’t get hired permanently upon the completion of such, an intern would have still made invaluable contacts and connections as well as attained valuable work experience, which is certain to benefit his or her career in the future.

In Las Vegas, students can find plenty of internships to attain work experience, as there are a myriad of opportunities to do so. So look for opportunities and expand your resume, it will be one of the best decisions you would  have made during your academic career.