The 65th anniversary of Ben Siegel’s death was about a week ago writing about his prized Flamingo Hotel seemed to be best suited for this assignment.  The Flamingo Hotel was the second hotel to be built in the dusty dessert of Las Vegas.  It’s hard to imagine that a little over 65 years ago Las Vegas never existed.  Mobster Ben “Bugsy” Siegel had a lot to do with the changes of the sandy Valley.  His interest to become a real businessman took off when he started foreseeing the production of the Flamingo Hotel.  His constant obsession with perfection and looks shown through with this hotel because everything had to be bigger and better.  His budget of $1 million vastly rose to $6 million in which he of course didn’t not have and his investors didn’t want to give him.  He ended up selling his house and everything in it to keep construction rolling on the Flamingo Hotel.  Bugsy, was his nickname which no one called him that to his face, he was highly offended when someone did.  The Flamingo Hotel was named after Siegel’s mistress/girlfriend Virginia Hill.  Flamingo was a nickname Siegel gave Hill because of her long, skinny legs.  Hill loved to gamble and therefore loved the idea of have a hotel/casino named after her.

The Flamingo Hotel today is located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and is still a really popular hotel/casino.  Today the hotel has anything from Donny and Marie Osmond to a Burlesque show.  Gambling and food are also obviously big hits of the hotel.  The hotel also hold the famous Margaritaville club/casino, where you can get ridiculously big margaritas for a reasonable price.  

Most of Las Vegas was founded upon by mobsters.  Not everyone truly knows about the start of Las Vegas and let me be the first to tell you that it wasn’t at all pretty.  For those who come here to gamble and make money just know that that’s why this place was built and there was a lot of money being made for these mobsters.  Unfortunately for Siegel, he died before his hotel really kicked off.  Seems to me like the Flamingo Hotel sure did have an interesting start, a great mid life and is only going to get better with age.