Want to get into politics but don’t know where to start? Never been to so much as a city council meeting? Have no idea what Robert’s Rules of Order are? Start your foray into politics by running for a position in student government during the summer!

This summer, four positions have opened up on the senate. Currently, a seat for the College of Fine Arts will open up this month. Positions for the senate will be for the duration of the 42 senate session term, which ends at the end of October 2012.

Senators are expected to come to every senate meeting, which, during the summer, are every other Monday and begin at 4 PM. Beginning in Fall 2012, meetings are every Monday night at 6 PM. Senators will vote on legislation, scholarships, grants, funding for student organizations and UNLV parties. Senators will be required to serve on two committees, ranging from Safety & Awareness to Scholarships to Ways & Means. Senators are required to spend at least five hours per week doing office hours in the the CSUN offices.

If being a senator doesn’t interest you, positions for assistant directors will be available this summer which last for a term ending in May of 2013. Assistant directors help student government directors in various offices such as Nevada Student Affairs, Marketing & Design and Elections, etc. If you have a talent for speech writing, research or graphic design, you can easily build a professional portfolio that will be presentation ready come graduation.

For more information about running for an open position on CSUN senate or for an assistant director position, come visit the CSUN offices on the third floor of the student union. All senate positions receive monetary compensation in the form of $50/ meeting as well as $1,500 per semester.