When people come to Washington, D.C. they are usually awed by the monuments, the buildings and the history. However, after the initial feeling of inspiration from the eminence of the city is over, people get a feeling of exasperation as they realize that they must pay dearly for being here. It’s important for people to know that even in this city, the seventh most expensive city in the nation, they can do things for free that are fun and entertaining.

Lincoln Memorial Monument

When reading this, you might think that I am lying, but as “free” is one of my favorite words in the English language and I have respect for it, I promise you I am telling the truth.

Although it may sound like a drag, especially in hot summer days with added humidity, but walking around the city in pursuit of knowledge is a most fantastic idea for entertainment and, of course, something you can do for free. By that, I mean the Smithsonian institutions, which are free to the public and include museums such as Natural History and Air and Space. Not only that, but Smithsonian attractions also include a fantastic zoo with exotic animals such as elephants and pandas.

If that were not enough, for those who like live performances The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage has free performances daily which include concerts and dance performances.

Another great place to go is the Bureau of engraving and Printing. Although tickets are required, either through a request to the state office of a congressman or woman, or by standing in line very early in the morning to get entry tickets, this is an amazing place for people to go. (The entry process goes the same for The Capitol as well as The White House, they are free to enter but make sure you plan ahead because you need to request an entry ticket through your state’s representative).

Just like the Bureau, another amazing place to visit is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. A free-entry establishment, yet requires tickets for entry and only allows a limited amount of individuals in per day, so people must be outside early to be able to get in.

If that were not enough, (and there is plenty more that I haven’t had the chance to experience yet), there are all the monuments such as the amazing Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument and the new Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, all free to look, admire and be inspired by.

As you can see, D.C. has much more to offer than a high price tag. If you want to learn about the nation’s history and its importance, then free is the way to go in Washington, D.C.