The public school system has quickly become a sore subject among parents.  Standardized testing, overcrowded classrooms and teacher-involved scandals have become a prominent source of worry, and people are wondering what to do about it.

Parents, you will be happy to know that there is a way to get your children a good, solid education without having to pay for private school: charter school.

Though they are still public schools under the jurisdiction of Clark County, charter schools offer a unique learning opportunity for students.  Many are vocational and focus on a specific subject area.   Students must apply to get in, but the process isn’t a hard one.  It’s just enough to make sure that the kids enrolled actually want to be there.  It helps to create a motivated and determined class of students.

East Career and Technical Academy
is one such school in the Las Vegas valley.  Elementary education, culinary, automotive, medical, and business are some of the programs the high school has to offer.  Students take program classes along with their general credits, and internships are also infused into their schedules as they progress.

The campus is beautiful, with different buildings (called “houses”) for each program.  It was all built with students in mind— hallways are wide and filled with tables and chairs for students to work and socialize, small glass rooms built specifically for group work, a library that puts many of the Clark County libraries to shame, and a full-blown culinary kitchen and preschool daycare in which students enrolled in those programs can learn.

These schools have started to receive more publicity as of late, but are still somewhat of a city secret.  Attendance is low, but in a good way.  There are only a couple hundred students per grade level, which means each classroom only houses 30 students max, at one time.  These smaller class sizes are key for students to adequately learn.  However, there is always room for more, and these schools are located all over the Vegas valley.

So parents? Rest assured!  You can still make sure your kids are getting a fabulous education, even in these rocky times for our country’s schooling system.