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As we all know Las Vegas is the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. It brings you gaming, gambling, exotic shows, and music! One other important aspect it has is the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival! It will be held at the beautiful Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on July 19th – 22nd. This festival will show case American and independent films. There will also be a variety of screenings such as Oscar winning films to world premieres, exclusive celebrity tributes and interviews, interactive panel discussions, a screenplay competition, red carpet parties, a filmmaker reception, as well as a closing night ceremony and awards. Las Vegas is filled with talented people and is getting one step closer to Los Angeles. The film industry in Las Vegas is fairly new and slowly growing, but it consists of great filmmakers. It is important to support the community so the more audience and viewers the Las Vegas film festival has the more talent will be adored. This years film festival will be filled with creative, proactive, provocative, intriguing, and eventful screenings.

This event is also meant to generate emerging opportunities for filmmakers and industry professionals. Las Vegas is creating a great outlet for talented and creative people in the film industry to branch out and be noticed.The audience also gets a chance to see world premieres. The Las Vegas film festival is expected to have hundreds of attendees and participants. It is also a great place for networking when it comes to other professionals such a graphic designers, entrepreneurs, business, marketing, and students. The festival also generates filmmakers from around Los Angeles to New York. I believe this is a great opportunity for the residents of Las Vegas to support their community and attending this festival. After all it is a part of the entertainment life of Las Vegas!