courtesy of PinterestJournalism wouldn’t be journalism if it wasn’t for its evolving nature. Today, journalists use social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Pinterest to connect with the world. Pinterest is one of the latest techniques for journalism because its is mostly visual. My Pinterest has five pinboards; Entertainment Media, WordPress, Las Vegas, UNLV, and Journalism. They are meant to reach an audience who is fascinated in the visual form of journalism. I focus on entertainment media, therefore, entertainment magazines are one of the top non-digital sources for entertainment media. Pinterest is like an online magazine. Its is filled with images and journalistic material that is not in a written form. The link I chose for my entertainment media board is it is E! News Entertainment’s website for top stories. I chose for the Las Vegas board because it takes you into the world of Vegas. My journalism board is dedicated to college students looking for social tools in journalism. The UNLV pinboard takes one to the UNLV website so people can explore. Last but not least is the WordPress pinboard which brings you here, my blog! I think it is important to connect all of one’s social media networks together so you can reach twice the people and create a stronger reputation. Pinterest is gradually growing and has potential to benefit any aspiring journalist if used right. Pinterest like every other social media can be abused as well. So, using media and personal ethics one can draw positive aspects. Although my Pinterest is brand new, I will be adding more things as time progresses by. It is important to stay up to date with social media so your audience get get your latest news. I’m still learning how to use this new social media so bare with me, but I hope you all enjoy the new pins to come!