Everyone knows that Las Vegas is all about the glits and glam of the Vegas strip, that’s why tourists come here.  However there is so much more to Vegas than just the strip.  If people cared more about gambling and drinking they would be able venture outside of the strip boundaries and experience other attractions.  The one big attraction that gets attention from locals is the Red Rock Canyon.  Although it is a drive for tourists who are staying on the strip it allows you to experience a different feel of Vegas than that fast pace feel of the strip.  

Red Rock Canyon is the total opposite of the strip.  Just imagine amazing views, quiet and cheap.  Because it is so far outside of the city, Red Rock Canyon is a place where people can relax and get away from the city.  After losing most of your money at the craps tables you can spend the day here because it is affordable, depending on your car type it is from $3-$7.  Spending the day out here is definitely possible, there is so much to do.

Another great place to experience outside of the strip is the Springs Preserve.  Located on South Valley View, The Springs Preserve has a number of activities to do for all ages.  There are several different museums, beautiful outdoor scenery and many more going on at the Springs Preserve.

It seems like everyone in the world loves chocolate except for me so this next outing is perfect for everyone except me.  Ethel M Chocolate Factory is located in Henderson and they offer free daily tours.  Ethel M is such a big deal for chocolate lovers and going to experience the way all their chocolates are made is something that should be done.

There are numerous thing to do in Vegas that takes you outside of the strip.  These are just some of them.  You can only gamble and drink for so long.  After that is completed take your family out of the strip and venture off to the other parts of Vegas!