Energy to BurnIt is no surprise that Las Vegas summer months are scorching and almost unbearable. Even Las Vegas residents cannot become accustomed to the heat. One way to tolerate the awful summer weather however, is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Living in Las Vegas my whole life I have discovered that the heat here is something I will never get used to. Even working at a pool for the past two years has not changed that. I have, however, concluded that what a person puts in their body is a direct reflection of how it will respond to things, including the weather.

Karen, President and CEO of Are You Totally Stressed Out? says: “YOU ARE A PERFORMANCE VEHICLE! And you need to put the best possible fuel in your body to maximize your performance.” This means being conscious of each and everything you consume.

On her website she lists 5 things to avoid: sugar, bad carbs (such as bread, crackers, donuts, etc), coffee, artificial sweeteners and Red Bull or any other “energy” drink. These all bring a person up, then shoot them right back down, except harder.

Natural foods are the best way to go.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diets rich in fruits and veggies “may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.” Who wouldn’t want that?

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just eating healthy; it also includes exercising daily.

Many people exercise only to look good, especially out here in Las Vegas, the city of images. Keeping the inside of your body healthy however, is just as important as keeping your physique, if not more.

If all a person did everyday was 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, such as running or the StairMaster and ate healthy, he or she would be okay.

A little goes a long way and it’s better than nothing at all.

Personally, I have found that fitness is not a destination but a journey — it is a lifestyle. Don’t eat healthy or exercise for a short term goal such as bikini season or a wedding. Do it everyday, all of the time, for as long as you live.

On my Pinterest I have created a board titled Healthy Habits that contains motivational fitness photos, as well as photos of healthy food options.

The way I see it is, out here in Las Vegas, one must be prepared for whatever comes their way. Eating healthy and exercising daily will keep you ahead of the game (and the heat).