Las Vegas would not be Las Vegas without its classic showgirls.

Traditionally, Las Vegas showgirls are known to be graceful, statuesque women with an amazing talent in balancing heavy head dresses while dancing in  elaborate costumes. They prominently symbolize Las Vegas with feathers, glamour, and long legs.

Although it is typical to associate such a glitzy image with the title, I have come to the realization that the concept of “showgirls” has gone through a multifaceted evolution.

According to Andrea, a dancer and choreographer from Las Vegas,

“‘Showgirl’ is defined on several websites as  ‘A woman, typically attired in an elaborately decorated costume, who performs in a musical or theatrical production.’”

However, some may take other occupations, such as strippers or female escorts, and label it with the name showgirl. I would have to say the job description of a showgirl can be defined in several ways.

For the sake of this post surrounding the topic of Las Vegas showgirls, I would like to call attention to the professional, tasteful, and entertaining aspects of the strip’s finest female acts.

Former Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner arm candy Holly Madison went from being one of three girlfriends in the Playboy mansion to a single girl residing in a Planet Hollywood penthouse suite in Las Vegas. The result? A glamorous career as the star in Planet Hollywood’s very own Peepshow.

An exciting take on burlesque and theatre, Peepshow successfully showcases Madison as its stunning leading lady. Just like the common definition of a showgirl, she plays her part with elaborate costumes, brief nudity, and theatrical behavior. I would assume Peepshow to be a modern twist on a Las Vegas showgirl kind of show.

In addition to Peepshow, Las Vegas recently welcomed the variety show Absinthe at Caesars Palace. The show features Angel Porrino, an attractive, topless, and tap-dancing showgirl who also happens to be friends with Holly Madison. Absinthe highlights comedic skits and risky stunts as well as a lead showgirl who resembles the Absinthe fairy.

Cue Melody Sweets.

I would consider Melody Sweets as a multi-talented showgirl. She can sing, dance, and act — all while being raised on a high wire by a group of acrobatic European men. Her costumes are just as glittery and glitzy as a traditional showgirl’s attire, and she carries herself with grace that is reminiscent of the first ever Las Vegas showgirl, Miss Bluebell.

Las Vegas has seen a change in the scheme of entertainment. Infamous Burlesque showgirl Dita Von Teese has performed in a variety show in the Mandalay Bay’s House of Blues, and the classic pirate show in front of the Treasure Island has turned into a seductive siren skit — all forms of showgirl duties. Even the traditional route of Las Vegas showgirls can still be taken at Bally’s Jubilee!

No matter the various definitions of “showgirls,” these talented girls show what Las Vegas still has to tastefully offer, and the proof is in the countless audience admissions sold. Have you bought your tickets yet?