Homeless man in Las Vegas


For my photography assignment I went the extra mile and went across East Las Vegas snap shots of what I believe outsiders wouldn’t expect to see in Las Vegas. I’ve had a professional photography camera for almost a year now. I snapped these photos with a Nikon Coolpix L120. This assignment gave me the oppurtunity to use it really for the first time since I brought it.

For all you tourist out there, how many of you see this in your travel brochure?

You know, I waited all the way till 2 in the mourning to take this picture of this homeless man while he was sleep. He awoke moments later and pulled an army knife out and I took off running!

I already know you don’t see this in Las Vegas.

The fact of the matter is that the rest of the world doesn’t see what Las Vegas is all about. Their are a lot of people that don’t believe people actually live out here. High crime rates, car accidents, murders, pedestrian fatalities, drugs, shootings, and poverty exist here in Las Vegas.

We even have rural areas with small farm land. I was lucky enough to take a picture of these farmers walking their horses around the neighborhood and their farm land. Their farm is across the street from Fresh and Easy, Taco Bell, and Jack and the Box!


Why, did you know Las Vegas is one of the dangerous places to walk in America?


This is an inside bridge view of the Flaming Arroyo Trail in East Las Vegas. This bridge was built in response to high number of perdestrians being hit at the cross street of sahara and nellis.




I bet you wouldn’t expect this gambling mecca to be a place people actually practice religion, and I don’t mean mainstream christianity. This is a Muslim Mosque on Desert Inn and Nellis. With this you could already assume that Las Vegas would have to have some form of diversity. It’s true Las Vegas is a melting pot on the extreme level. Comparable to New York except the fact the everyone comes mostly from everywhere. The majority of the citizens in Las Vegas are originally from somewhere else. So why would people have pride and be proud to be in Las Vegas?


Most people are proud of where they are from. I am from Chicago. I could tell you right  now, this mobile would be vandalized and destroyed for supporting another teams city other than the Bears. Here in Vegas, they can get away with it because most of the people aren’t from here. Everywhere else I’ve been and known has culture and community. Stop and think for a minute!


Can you honestly say that Las Vegas has culture? Is Las Vegas community oriented? Being that I’ve lived here for 10 years I can’t say that Las Vegas has culture. It seems as if everyone out here is more about themeselves than the community. I look at my own UNLV Runnin Rebels struggle to get a packed game with supporters from the Greater Las Vegas area as a whole.


Growing up out here their was not too much for people under 18 to do because it seems that everything was 21 and up. After all this is the ‘Adults Playground’. Even now that I’m an adult I’m seeing that their really isn’t any difference from being a child because I see how public places are slowly declining and disappearing and it makes it that if you want to do something social you have to go to the strip. I see this especially with local music and dance events. As soon as a community following starts developing it’s shut down completely. Either on it own due to lack of support or the police and city administration gets involved with it. Some might claim it’s a violation of civil rights.


The way I see it, is that Las Vegas has a brand to protect. The only thing important to the powers that be is to keep the big thing going which is casinos, gambling, alcohol, partying, etc. This is the only revenue this city can generate and it’s the main industry. Sure tourist go to LA, Chicago, New York but their not spending their money on one street. So they must protect the brand at all cost and make sure outsiders don’t get even a glimpse of what’s really going on. If your an outsider and read this blog now you know what’s more to the Strip.