Keeping cool in the Vegas heat can be quite a tricky undertaking.  With BBQ and pool party season in full swing, what will you be sipping to wet your whistle and keep you cool?

With so many ready to serve drink options out there, it’s easy to fall into a summertime drinking rut.  Whether it’s margaritas or mojitos, we have become so boring and bland with our drink choices.  It’s so easy to just open and serve,  but where’s all the fun in that?

This week on Pintrest I found a multitude of fun summertime drinks that are easy to make and the perfect way to set your party above the rest.  Melon Margaritas was one of my favorite finds.  It’s just a simple twist on a poolside classic that makes indulging in those extra calories well worth it.  The recipe for this cocktail came courtesy of and features watermelon ice cubes.  This can be transcended into so many different creations and is one of my favorite drinks trends for this season.  To spice up a run-of-the-mill mojito, just freeze mint and lime juice in an ice cube tray.

If you’re feeling really adventurous try whipping up a Frozen Irish Banana, also courtesy of HGTV.  Start by riming any glass with shaved coconut and mixing Irish cream, light rum, coconut milk, and one banana in a blender with ice.  (I replaced Coco Lopez and half-and-half with coconut milk in this recipe to cut calories) This drink is sure to keep you cool and taste amazing.

Above all, when making whatever your preferred poolside cocktail is, have fun with it.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match, add fruity ice cubes, or try something new.  Not a big drinker?  Whip up any of these amazing creations sans alcohol!