In past blogs I’ve told you I’m about to graduate college and with that usually comes new freedoms and responsibilities. One of those being both a responsibility and freedom, I’m talking about moving out. Being able to decorate my new place is something I’ve always looked forward to. I’m also one of those people who enjoy saving money when it makes sense. For this blog post I used the site, Pinterest, to come up with some inspiration. I was able to come up with ten DIY home decorating pins, each unique in its own way.

If you’ve never bought something to hang on your wall you might not be aware how expensive artwork can be. That said, many of my pins were different projects I’d like to create and hang on my wall. I find there is something fun about getting your hands dirty creating it and getting to look at it everyday. Some of the ideas I found on Pinterest were:

  • Melted crayons on a canvas.
  • Concert tickets in a shadow box display.
  • Cute sayings painted on to a canvas.
  • By turning a magazine holder sideways, it can become a small side table with storage in a tight area.
  • Book ends made from a figurines might provide use for some childhood items I can’t bear to part with.
  • Customizing my own coasters by using tiles.
  • Magazine rack made from metal cylinders, displays everyday magazines in a interesting way.
  • Wine corks used for labeling plants around the house.

What I love most about this project is creating these items by hand also brings a nice personal touch. To see all my pins click here.