You only live once so you might as well try to eat healthy. My version of eating “healthy” is a salad with dinner here and there and maybe I’ll grab a piece of fruit once or twice a week as I run out the door in the morning. All my meals in between don’t exactly follow the pyramid eating guidelines.

With the help of my Pinterest boards, I’m going to attempt a vegan diet. I found a ton of vegan pin boards with recipes and helpful tips for vegan beginners. There are a lot of resources about having a balanced diet as well. Everyone knows that giving up meat and other animal foods can hinder your health so there are steps to take in order to make sure a person receives those nutrients other ways.

Switching to a vegan diet can also help people with diabetes. Veganism won’t cure a person’s diabetes but it can help to better control weight, reducing risk of some diabetes-associated complications and possibly even making your body more responsive to insulin. There have also been studies that a vegan diet can help prevent disease.

Being vegan isn’t just about the food you eat but also the products you use. Choosing vegan beauty products is not only good for your general health and beauty, but it as also a great way to support a cruelty free cause. Plant-based diets are typically low in fat and avoid the pore-clogging saturated fats found in animal products. Fruits and vegetables are high in essential vitamins and antioxidants, which are the building blocks for radiant skin. Plus, the fiber from produce and whole grains crank up that healthy glow by flushing out toxins.

The Internet is a great source for getting started with a vegan diet and there are also a lot of books about vegan food swaps to start out slowly. I know the transition to becoming vegan (I’m just trying it out!) won’t be easy but I’m ready for all the benefits it includes.  I want to be healthier, look better and feel better.