The Las Vegas Super Wheel Project

From pirate shows to a volcano erupting, the Las Vegas strip has seen it all. Well that was until last march when the Clark county commissioners office approved the construction of the sky view super wheel project. The $175 million project will eventually span over 39 acres including 200,000 sq. ft. of shopping, restaurants and office space and let’s not forget the 500 ft tall Ferris wheel. According to an article in the Review Journal the Ferris wheel will be the largest such structure in the western hemisphere and third-largest in the world. Expected to complete construction in 2013 the structure will feature 40 gondolas, each capable of holding up to 25 passengers.

Although the Las Vegas Economy will take time to recover, the construction of the sky view project will be beneficial to both the hospitality and ,entertainment industries, create jobs, and motive more people to visit our unique city. I think that this project is going to shed light on a an unfortunate situation. It is no secret that everyone is facing hard times. But Las Vegas in particular relies on the revenue of the hospitality and entertainment industries, 2 industries who have been crippled in the past years. Las Vegas was hit extremely hard by rough economic times and by bringing in an attraction like “The Las Vegas Super Wheel Project” gives everyone something to look forward to. The project is not only beneficial for the Las Vegas locals, but for tourists from all over as well. This project is a stepping stone for our community and creates hope for those who have experienced hard times. The project will create hundreds if not thousands of jobs for the unemployed, provide surrounding companies with business, increase the revenue for Las Vegas, and provide visitors with an experience they won’t forget. I know I am definitely excited about this coming attraction and I know many other are too!