Las Vegas is foreclosed with foreclosure signs on some homes still in the Valley. Legal Assistant, Elizabeth Thorn takes us through the motions of some of the cases of foreclosures.

Families in Vegas are still looking for housing with better mortgage rates just to provide an easier way financially to live for them and their families. The internet is packed with many alternatives to help you with tips, some trusted, some not so trusted. However, with Thorn’s opportunity to speak on foreclosures during a busy day at work, she explains what encounters with the process of people trying to pay off their debt to avoid eviction.

Real Estate specialists even try to work with those who have become victimized my foreclosures and eviction notices. Thorn makes what she does clear to help provide people with a better understanding of what she does and how she deals with foreclosure cases every day. And the phones calls come every day for her as well.

Las Vegas still has a list of thousands homes that have been foreclosed on and has become of the property of the bank’s and go back on sale under the “bank foreclosure sales.” In an article in the Las Vegas Sun, our city has improved, but that improvement may be short termed. Like Thorn says she thinks it will get better and can’t see it getting any worst. As it may be getting a little better, it’s made to dip down into not-so-better again. It’s like the stock market, it goes up and down – hot and cold. That’s how it works. It’s just a matter of paying the bills always and always on time to reduce your chance of getting your house (if mortgaged) foreclosed.

The girl I interviewed in this video was a victim of foreclosure with her family. So, it comes to show you that emotions are definitely involved in the process. Foreclosure is not just a big word or banner across a for sale sign, it’s more than that. It’s people who have to financially accept and emotionally accept hard work to get over the foreclosure mess. Thorn talks with families every day on the phone to see what plans can work for them, so that they can keep their home and family secured. Because after all, home is where the heart is.
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