Avoiding huge traffic congestion on a Saturday night is always one’s biggest goal in Vegas. However, if you were anywhere near Red Rock Hotel and Resort Saturday night, you were stuck in it.

That crowd belonged to the legendary rock bands Def Leppard and Poison, who performed at the Red Rock Amphitheater. The show reeled in thousands of people from all over the city and possibly, all over the world.

Upon arrival, fans drove all over the parking lot like ants just to find a spot which was growing scarce and more hard to find. The Charleston exit on the 215 freeway was even backed up which appeared to be extremely hazardous for those in the far right lanes. Once inside Red Rock, you were free once again and ready for loud, distorted music to blare out of the speakers and into the hearts of the fans who have grown up with these bands

Inside the venue, men and women had on their favorite rock band T-shirt or rocked out the leather pants. Their hair spiked or big with the retro look from the 80′s was all over the place. It was the last hour of the hot, Summer sun for the day, as it was sliding slow below the horizon. They all bought cold drinks or browsed through the merchandise from the stands. Music started to play and a female’s voice took hold of the audience. It was musician and singer, Lita Ford who opened for the the male bands. She looked no different than she did back when she played in The Runaways with Joan Jett, except she is more toned and more blonde now a days. The audience went wild over her final song, “Close My Eyes Forever,” a duet she sang with Ozzy Osbourne so many years ago.

Poison was up next and lead vocalist, Bret Michaels never looked any different from his reality TV show. They heated up the audience with all of the favorites of the 80′s and gave it up for Def Leppard. The stage transitions from Poison To Def Leppard was a long one, in which people went out for more drinks and stretched their legs. Nobody complained, they just rejoiced over the fact they were out away from work and embracing the weekend.

Def Leppard took the stage and fans went crazy. People in the bleachers were now all over with cups that were glowing in the dark. Def Leppard’s lead vocalist, Joe Elliott brought out “Pour Some Sugar On Me” perfectly like the old days. His voice never changed a bit.

The night rocked on and then lingered past 10 as the show ended with people still driving their adrenalines to the parking lot to find their cars. A show they’ll always remember as the only thing that brought them back to their youthful teens.

Def Leppard, Poison, and Lita Ford share the stage at Red Rock.