Zombies, real, flesh eating cannibals, have been coming out of the shadows recently in Miami. It sounds like a scene straight out of a movie. This is not something produced in Hollywood. This is real and the culprit is a new synthetic drug called “Bath Salts”.

The drug gets its name because of its crystallized appearance and has also been called “Cloud 9″ and “Vanilla Sky”. These euphoric sounding names are very misleading. A man in Miami that was under the influence of bath salts took off all of his clothes, attacked a homeless man and started biting flesh off the man’s face. This is why the media is calling users of the drug “zombies”.

According to Amanda Crum’s article, Bath Salt Cannibals Keep Coming Out Of The Woodwork, there was another incident in Miami involving bath salts. Brandon DeLeon, a homeless man, entered a restaurant where two police officers were eating and began yelling at them. The officers tried unsuccessfully to calm DeLeon they took him into custody and he tried to bite off one of the officer’s hands.

An article on the Forbes website by Melaine Haiken describes bath salts as a mix between meth and acid. Apparently the new drug can trigger a full-blown psychotic break episode with extreme delusions. Other effects include violent range and a sharp increase of body temperature that makes the user feel like their insides are burning. This is why the users remove all of their clothing and that has been a tipoff to local police in Miami where the drug first showed up on the streets.

Bath Salts are easy to buy off the street and are showing up around the country. Police across the nation have reported an increase in domestic violence and assault cases associated with bath salts. According to the FDA the number of bath salt cases has more than tripled in the last year to over 900 cases. Hopefully this dangerous new drug doesn’t make it into the hands of the kids in Nevada and our hometowns.