After being a student at UNLV and nearing graduation I’ve been doing some self reflection. I’ve had a great four years here and I’m really going to miss a lot about college. Jokingly, I’ve said one of the things I’m going to miss most has to be the good food near the university. What can I say, I liked having my choices? Some places I’d go for convenience, others for there stellar lunch deals, either way I enjoyed the fun meal options within walking distance of my classes. In this blog post I’m going to profile a couple of my favorite food places in walking distance from UNLV.

My first choice will come as no surprise to most students, In-N-Out is a favorite by many. They offer a cheap, quick and tasty menu that includes classic burgers, fries, and shakes. Adjacent to Greenspun Hall I grabbed a quick bite here often throughout my four years.

Next on the list is also close to Greenspun Hall, Cafe Rio, just across the street offers a fresh selection of mexican food. They can get busy at times but there isn’t a wait too long for their tortilla soup, in my opinion.

Jugoo Chinese was a place I found too late in my academic career. Offering cheap, absolutely delicious lunch specials, the restaurant is one of my favorites. I will definitely keep visiting this place when I’m on that side of town.

Another place I felt was important to mention is the Dining Commons. While I only went here a couple times, the options were endless. Buffet style is nice so everyone leaves full and ready to sleep…I mean study.

I also couldn’t have a list of UNLV eats without including the Student Union. A centralized location for many students, the Union had a variety of offerings. Starbucks being the most utilized.

So while these are only a few of the appetizing places near UNLV the options are endless. Being a student the hardest part for me was watching my budget with all these temptations.