Petula Clark sang it best in her 1964 hit, “Downtown”:

“Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city. Linger on the sidewalk where the neon lights are pretty.”

The neon lights that linger on the sidewalks of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas are, indeed, pretty.

New lights, old city.

In a generation filled with pub crawlers, bar hoppers and club goers alike, Fremont Street has revolutionized partying for all downtown visitors seeking a genuine good time.

Standing steadily since its inception in 1905, Fremont Street has seen and been through it all — established gambling prior to being legalized, a setting cameo in 1992′s Honey I Blew Up the Kid, and a music video appearance in The Flaming Lips’ classic hit, “Do You Realize?” This legendary road has welcomed and embraced every visitor, from tourists to intoxicated, yet pretty convincing Elvis impersonators.

Fast forward to 2012 and there now stands an eclectic assortment of night life venues in need of exploring.

A big fan of karaoke, show tunes, popular oldies or all of the above? Enter Don’t Tell Mama, a trendy piano bar that features multi-talented performers and encourages visitors to belt out a favorite tune on stage accompanied by live music. Although a small location, the venue shelters a grand piano and fully equipped bar that offers affordable cocktails.

If you don’t feel like listening to big voices on a small stage, right next door is Beauty Bar — a beauty salon themed night club that houses various local dj’s. Decorated with vintage hair dryer seats, a black and white photo booth, and a checkered dance floor, Beauty Bar is the ultimate place to embrace your funky vibes.

In addition to Don’t Tell Mama and Beauty Bar, Fremont Street recently opened Insert Coin(s) a local-friendly lounge/night club setting that embraces the art of video gaming. Fans of video games from Mortal Kombat to Call of Duty are encouraged to experience this joint before getting down on the dance floor equipped with wide screen televisions and dj booths. Insert Coin(s) is definitely the ultimate night venue to visit for some nostalgic fun and a chance to re-live childhood days while still having fun as an adult.

Las Vegas local Ryan Lynch recently experienced the night life of downtown Las Vegas and considers it to be even better than night life on the strip.

“I love going downtown because it’s just a short getaway from the hassle of overpriced and over fancy night clubs on the strip,” he said. “I would recommend going downtown to anyone who wants a genuine feel of what Las Vegas night life also has to offer.”

Whether you’re into downing pints with your buds, sipping cocktails with your gal pals, or dancing the night away with Las Vegas locals, downtown night life is definitely an ideal location to chill and have fun when the lavish night clubs of the Las Vegas strip are too pricey, overwhelming, or overplayed. Fremont Street is a refreshing take on what Las Vegas night life once was.

{*The photographs featured in my Flickr gallery were taken with a Canon Digital Elph digital camera.}