Giuliana Rancic is a well known journalist for E! News Entertainment. She is an admired public figure and brings us the greatest and latest stories about the entertainment world. In October 2011 she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. Her husband Bill was her full support and stayed right by her side through all the procedures and treatments. She didn’t know how to react to the news when she first heard it. She was looking for inspiration and found it through Kylie Minogue and her graceful battle through cancer. She figured if Minogue’s story inspired her than her story would inspire someone else. Ever since she found her strength Rancic decided to go public with her story and realized she had many fans and supports right by her side. She gave her story and support to the world and she is now receiving the same from her fans. Her coworkers didn’t know how to react to the news at first either, but she let them know that nothing has changed and she is still the same person she was before she left. Rancic is now back on camera and has become a very honorable journalist around the world. Her story is well known and now premiered on VH1. It is important for people to share their personal stories because it can only help someone else, but when you’re a public figure your story can reach millions of people and make a greater impact. Rancic is now healthy and fought her way through cancer. She continues to support the women of breast cancer and shares the love and grief with the world. Breast cancer is one of the scariest diagnosis in the world, especially for women. Therefore, public women who go through something personal and decide to share it with the world are only inviting more support and love, which is an amplifier to the cure for cancer!