Being born in raised in Las Vegas I believe the Perfect Vacation Getaway (well, in my case “”Stay-cation.”) is right here in Las Vegas. I visited the Las Vegas strip and tried to capture the fun one could have by taking pictures with my Canon – EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens. Trademarked as, “The city that never sleeps,” or “Sin City,” Las Vegas is home to some of America’s finest restaurants, lavish hotels and thousands of attractions. Las Vegas welcomes everyone no matter what age, race, or interest, there is something for everyone, even the locals! Though most famous for its nightlife and “sinful” ways, Las Vegas has everything from exciting attractions for the family to enjoy, to irresistible entertainment, breathtaking sights and historical landmarks. Las Vegas is home to everyone and welcomes visitors of all different backgrounds and cultures by embracing the ambiance of different places. Why travel somewhere else when you can visit Italy and take a ride on gondola through the canals of Venice at the Venetian. Or travel to Egypt at the Luxor, and visit New York city at the New York New York just to name a few.

Spanning almost five miles long the Las Vegas Strip is home to 32 hotels, 15 of which are apart of the 25 of the world’s largest hotels by room count. Your trip to Vegas would not be complete if you don’t visit the centralized cluster of lavish properties. A common misconception of the Las Vegas strip is that you only gamble. However, that is completely untrue. Sure, gambling is in almost every hotel however, the lavish properties obtain services and attractions that would make your experience one that you would never forget, a lot of which are free! Living in Las Vegas, locals have many advantages; such as, complimentary admission to clubs, discount ticket prices for shows or tours, free or reduced price admission and drinks, and even family discounts to local attractions.

Whether it is watching the breathtaking water show at the Bellagio, watching the trapeze act with your family at Circus Circus, or watching a live pirate show at Treasure Island at night, there is something for everyone! Despite the common misconception that Las Vegas is only a place for sinful behavior, there are so many other things that visitors could do to encourage a positive, enjoyable and relaxing experience.

So why leave the city that has something for everyone? Save some money on airfare and make your vacation a stay-cation!