Photo courtesy of Vans Warped Tour websiteGoing to the Warped Tour this year was fulfilling my inner 14-year-old self wishes. A lot of my favorite bands that I grew up with were performing and I knew it would be the perfect event for my photo journal. The rock show took place on Wednesday at the Luxor parking lot.

The Vans Warped Tour travels across America every summer with over 20 bands performing. It’s an all day event and there is plenty to see. The only downside (besides the obvious 108 degree heat wave) was that the performance schedule is not posted online so you don’t know the band set times until you arrive. I got there at 2:30 and the first of the bands I was interested in seeing wasn’t on until six. This gave me plenty of time to explore and snap lots of photos.

I’ve never taken pictures and thought about what other people would think of them. It’s always just been to capture the moment for my future reference. Darren Rowse’s article, 10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Digital Photo, had a lot of helpful tips for novice photographers like myself.

There were rows and rows of booths set up for various companies. Most were dedicated to band merchandise but there were also a lot of informative booths. I wandered around to many of the booths,heard the spiel from the volunteers and took pictures of whatever I thought was interesting. There were fake chickens stuffed inside a cage to show how eggs are gathered and to promote a Vegan lifestyle and casts of real breasts to promote breast cancer awareness. While I was exploring and taking pictures, I had to remind myself that this wasn’t just for fun. I remembered what I’d read in Michele Wanke’s article, Photojournalism Tips, and reminded myself that I was a photojournalist at that moment.

To get the shots I borrowed my friend’s Sony Cyper-shot digital camera. You can take panorama pics with it but when I tried to use that function half of the photo was blacked out. I think it was because of the fiery sun. The camera takes pictures with 14.1 mega pixels and has an Optical SteadyShot so even though the music was bumping none of my pics were blurry.

This picture turned out to be my favorite. The signer is from a new band I wanted to check out called Champagne Champagne. I like this photo so much because it shows him in action and I think the position of the sun on the stage is perfect. Check out my Flickr to see the rest of the pics from my bitchin’ Warped Tour experience!