For my photo essay I chose to capture photos of the Las Vegas Strip at night – the area around Wynn and Encore in particular – because I felt like I could make a statement about Las Vegas and provide a story for people who are not from here.


On June 20, 2012, at around 9:30pm, I made my way to the Las Vegas Strip. I figured that that time would be the perfect time to capture the city lights and people who are either ready to party or have already been partying.
In order to capture areas of the city that I knew would be bustling with people, I parked at the Fashion Show Mall and I walked to Las Vegas Blvd from there. Wynn and Encore were my target destinations, and so I began snapping photos with my Sony ax33 camera, with my boyfriend by my side for support. He also gave me some suggestions as to what to capture.
I started by taking a photo of the Wynn and Encore buildings themselves — two of the most beautiful hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. I should say here that I initially set out to snap photos of just the Las Vegas Strip — the buildings, people and art, and to not actually go inside any of the buildings — however I know how much intricate detail the Wynn Hotel and Casino has to offer and so I did not want to miss out on that opportunity.
To get to the Wynn there is a bridge that crosses traffic, which I saw as the perfect opportunity to get some really great photos. I got one solid one that captures many of the hotels to the left of Wynn and Encore including: Venetian, Palazzo, Treasure Island, The Mirage, etc. From here, my boyfriend and I made our way to the Wynn Esplanade, where he gave me the great idea to capture the beautiful water works they have  just outside of the entrance:
Afterward, we headed inside to capture some photos of the beautiful artwork the Wynn has, and we also got some women on their way to one of the clubs as well as people gambling.